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Scrabble is too big a topic to cover by just one site. You'll also want to take a look at the following sites about Scrabble.

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Scrabble Organizations, Federations, and Clubs

Scrabble Companies, Products, and Services

  • The Official Protiles Web Site - Since 1986, Protiles creator Bob Schoenman has been offering a wide variety of braille-proof tiles. A great product backed by a lifetime guarantee!
  • Sparky Enterprises Home Page - Custom Scrabble Boards. All Furniture and Scrabble Boards are hand crafted and custom painted, especially for you, insuring a unique, original, one-of-a-kind piece!
  • Power Tools for The Serious Scrabble Player - Shareware and freeware written by Mendel Cooper and other programmers.
  • Adjudicator 3000 & 3500 Digital Game Timers - The two best programmable digital game timers for use with SCRABBLE brand crossword games. Manufactured utilizing the latest in electronic design. PayPal.
  • Onwords Scrabble Enthusiasts Magazine - See this site for a great new A-Challenge-A-day Scrabble Calendar for 2004 (based on OSW International) - daily challenges, useful words, tips, facts and a touch of humor. Complete with desktop stand. The site also details sample extracts from Onwords Scrabble enthusiasts magazine and details on how to subscribe.
  • Brow-Raisers - A User Friendly Guide to Building A Winning Scrabble Vocabulary - Brow-Raisers provides 212 pages of word power. It is designed to take the word knowledge of coffee table players and novice to intermediate SCRABBLE┬« club members to the next level.
  • TileFish! - is the one-stop shop for all Scrabble enthusiasts in the UK.
  • Cheat and Words - is a free iPad and iPhone cheating program that automatically finds the best words.