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Yes , we want you to sit there with your thumb up...OH nvm

Im gonna go cry.

Matrix eats scrabblers, beware!

Fishing anyone?

Psychiatrist $60/hr.

What do these words have in common?

Now bots eat too???

Is it just me?

You are hilarious!


Im not touching that one!

Yeah we do

There are worse ways to die!

Yay Checkers!

What more DO we want?


Oh Dear!

MissC might like that too much

MrsT's Prayers

You Guess?

Was that the wine talking?
Yum, chocolate

We all know Teresita's dirty secret!

*wonders what that sounds like in real life*

Poor Xander:(

Juliet the Brat:P


*check syphil*

Yes, you must, tell us about it.

Heavens rack had Pchickn on it.

Good answer!

Bugs arent bees, are they? I thought they were just bees.

Scrabblesize -is that like Jazzersize?

If you insist....

Well, that was discreet.

Hey, after all, we are all only human!


Sally snores



*wonders if he got the britches yet*

Nah, its never too early

Kinda makes ya wonder

A Q too Suzy

Happy Now?

I am honored:)

Too late

What ropes

What's she stuck to now?

Thats pretty cheap

What're the wolves for?

I think he meant Skunk

I am going to not comment on this one!

I bet Ivbidden provoked that one!

Oh, look, ladderbux

whats punctuation

I water every morning

offend your cousins

We were insinuating?

That'll cost ya $18.79 please.

A match made in heaven

Who bothers you?

Kymber's Ticket.

*Wonders if her foot is broken from kicking her computer*


She didnt confirm whether she did or did'nt...hmmmm

Ohhh, careful with that one!

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